Feb Group Hybrid Program: Foundations “Rehab to Return to Sport/ Life”

Nice one, mamma! You're one step closer to a stronger, fitter you. 

In the next 10  weeks you will re-gain your core, pelvic floor and full body strength, plus make a few new friends along the way. 

Next Intake Starts: February 6th, 2024

This Program Grants You Access to a Mix of In-Person & Pre recorded sessions

  • 12x Tues/ Thursday Coaching Classes 10:30 AM PST In-Person at Meadow Park or Virtual Live class on Tuesdays at 9am if you’re unable to attend in person or a pre recorded class if you miss out on the 2 options above 
  • 8x Yoga classes Bi Weekly on Thursdays at 10:30 AM In-Person or a pre recorded class if you're unable to attend 

Plus Support Including:

  • Initial Consult & On-Boarding Zoom Call
  • Private Community Group via an app trainerize
  • Email Communication
  • One-On-One Check-Ins via the app
  • Full Access to the Mountain Mom Strong Trainerize App with full library of exercises and education

What You Can Expect:

  • A weekly prescribed plan 
  • The support and accountability of other like-minded mommas online and in-person
  • A 360 degree understanding of your return to fitness. Discover how to do an exercise, the "why" and "how" it effects your postpartum body. 
  • Achievable 10-20-35 minute workouts
  • To skip the guesswork! Follow a proven progression starting with foundational work, building to full strength
  • A variety of postpartum-safe fitness sessions designed to get you back to the activities you love

* If COVID-19 restrictions don't allow for in-person classes we will move all classes online. 

The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 



What Moms Are Saying:

I realize now through experience that even if you are fit prior to pregnancy you lose a lot of core strength that needs to be restored after birth in order to participate in your athletic activities safely afterwards I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 15 years now and I can say hands down this post-partum class is extremely well built and delivered, possibly the best you will ever find around! Although tailored to post-partum mamas, females with chronic lumbar pain would also highly benefit from it. I will for sure register again after babes #2! And as a sports med doc in the Sea to Sky community I’ll share this invaluable resource with my patients for sure. Absolutely amazing work Sarah! The building blocks were a great foundation for more advanced strength exercises later in the program I feel 100% better and in control of my posture, core and gluts!! This course is a must for every active mama out there!


I found this program incredibly helpful and valuable, I'm so glad that I went through it. After the birth of my first baby I struggled with the exercises that my pelvic floor physiotherapist gave me; I wasn't able to coordinate my breathing with the exercises to build a foundation for more difficult exercises. This time, going through the MMS program helped me break it down and connect everything, and making it feel natural. Having a guided program to follow also helped me make it a priority and stay on top of it. I feel so much stronger after only 12 weeks than I ever thought I'd be. I would highly recommend this program for every single mom!


$660 CAD