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A Restorative Approach to Postpartum

Rehab & Return to Fitness



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Regain your  Core, Pelvic Floor & Full Body Strength and get back to the activities you love.

Designed with the outdoor woman in mind.

Hey Mamma!

I'm Sara Niblock, an athlete, a mother, a Kinesiologist and a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist with over 15 years of experience.

I help both new moms and moms who've had their kids many years ago correct dysfunction, restore their core and regain their strength after birth. Women deserve to get back to all the activities they love, pain & symptom free and I can help.

There is so much information available about newborn care, but very little about caring for ourselves as mothers postpartum. 

Change starts here. Mountain Mom Strong (MMS) is a program filled with education, support and guidance on how to recover from birth and safely return to fitness & sport. 

Mountain Mom Strong is focused on empowering women to take charge of their body and postpartum journey. Let's build your physical and mental strength so you feel confident navigating your postpartum journey.


More About Me

Find out what Mountain Mom Strong is all about from the creator Sara Niblock and past program participants. 



Mountain Mom Strong is all about reconnecting to your body after birth. It's about correcting dysfunction, restoring your pelvic floor/core and progressively increasing load and intensity as you regain strength in your entire body. You'll feel confident and strong to return to the mountains and everyday life while reducing symptoms.

SLOW is FAST when recovering from birth, no matter how your child came into this world. Learn to move with intention. 

Mountain Mom Strong is a restorative approach to postpartum fitness. Women regardless of their athletic background will graduate from the program with a functional core and strong foundation. Ready to keep building strength and take on life as a new mom, while returning to their favourite sports and activities with confidence.


"Postpartum women should be able to do anything they want without holding back. They just need the right help. "

-Dr. Sarah Duvall

“I found this program incredibly helpful and valuable, I'm so glad that I went through it. After the birth of my first baby I struggled with the exercises that my pelvic floor physiotherapist gave me; I wasn't able to coordinate my breathing with the exercises to build a foundation for more difficult exercises. This time, going through the MMS program helped me break it down and connect everything, and making it feel natural. Having a guided program to follow also helped me make it a priority and stay on top of it. I feel so much stronger after only 12 weeks than I ever thought I'd be. I would highly recommend this program for every single mom!” - Brittany Coughlin


Empowering you to Restore your Core, Regain your Strength and Elevate your Fitness  

Let's get you back into the mountains feeling confident & strong.


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