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This program seriously helped me correct some stubborn unbalances in my body. After two kids And multiple abdominal surgeries I had been living with hip pain and pelvic floor issues. This program thought me the foundations so that I know how to move safely and breathe properly. By the end of the 12 weeks, I was doing exercises that had been out of reach for a long time. I’m ready to return to higher impact activities and feel strong and confident that I have the knowledge to do that safely. Sara’s motto rings true: “slow is fast!” Do this program and trust the process.











I realize now through experience that even if you are fit prior to pregnancy you lose a lot of core strength that needs to be restored after birth in order to participate in your athletic activities safely afterwards

I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 15 years now and I can say hands down this post-partum class is extremely well built and delivered, possibly the best you will ever find around! Although tailored to post-partum mamas, females with chronic lumbar pain would also highly benefit from it. I will for sure register again after babes #2! And as a sports med doc in the Sea to Sky community I’ll share this invaluable resource with my patients for sure. Absolutely amazing work Sarah!

The building blocks were a great foundation for more advanced strength exercises later in the program

I feel 100% better and in control of my posture, core and gluts!! This course is a must for every active mama out there!


This program has been a game changer for me. Some injuries pre-pregnancy, a difficult pregnancy and recovering from a c-section really shook my confidence in my body. The progressive structure of the program, Sara’s encouragement and the option for modifications struck the balance perfectly between pushing me without feeling intimidating. The well organized program really appealed to me and the balance of online classes and videos to engage with on my own created a nice balance of accountability and flexibility. I now feel I have a more solid foundation to keep building on than I did pre-pregnancy. It’s an empowering feeling. Highly recommend!









I found this program incredibly helpful and valuable, I'm so glad that I went through it. After the birth of my first baby I struggled with the exercises that my pelvic floor physiotherapist gave me; I wasn't able to coordinate my breathing with the exercises to build a foundation for more difficult exercises.

This time, going through the MMS program helped me break it down and connect everything, and making it feel natural. Having a guided program to follow also helped me make it a priority and stay on top of it.

I feel so much stronger after only 12 weeks than I ever thought I'd be. I would highly recommend this program for every single mom!


The Mountain mom strong fitness program to me is more than just a Fitness program.

Sara put a lot of time and care into it and that made it extremely valuable for postpartum mamas aiming to get back to normal life and to outdoor activities feeling strong and happy.

The program covers it all that’s what I really liked about it. 

The fitness/ rehab part is great - so much knowledge put in a very simple way so it’s accessible to everyone - the lengths of the videos is perfect to fit each new mom’s busy life and the breath work and yoga make it fully complete.

To me it’s the absolute tool each of us need to go through this very sensitive time that the Postpartum is.

I’m 15 months postpartum and thriving again so thank you so much Sara! 


I absolutely loved the program. The level of detail and expertise that Sara puts in to each workout and how they build on each other is so skillful. The feedback about how to properly execute exercises was so valuable and her expertise was so key for me feeling confident to start exercises again with a pretty serious uterine prolapse. I felt safe and able to go at my own pace and ask questions when something didn't quite feel right for me, Sara always had a modification that would work perfectly for me! Having access to Sara from home over zoom while I'm at home with my kids has been so amazing. I cannot recommend this enough. Every mom should have access to a program like this! 


I am a mom of 2 kids aged 10 and 7. 3 years ago I ended up with Achilles tendinitis. 

The more I worked on my Achilles the more it seemed related to my hips and core - all areas impacted by two vaginal deliveries.  I realized I still had some imbalances from my pregnancies. 
I had also been told a few times over my lifetime that I breathe wrong, but I just never seemed to be able to fix it. 
I work full time so Sara worked with me to program which workouts to do based on the time I could commit each day. Focusing on the plan Sara and I built made it feel manageable. 
After a few weeks when we did the balloon exercise I was amazed. I had never used my core to blow up a balloon before - it was so EASY! I could feel my core firing! I had finally learned how to breathe! 
After another couple of weeks my Achilles started feeling less stiff and I felt it less. My physio was amazed - she’s never seen it in such great shape! 12 weeks with Sara did more than 2 years of physio! 
I’m still working at it, and definitely looking at Sara’s next program Mountain Mom Stronger to keep building on all my body has accomplished!! 



Mountain Moms Strong is a must for any new Mother or individual dealing with incontinence or a weakened pelvic floor.  This program was nothing short of life changing for me, it turns out that I was breathing backwards (yes that is a thing) and bearing down constantly all day causing a lifelong battle with incontinence.  After my emergency c-section with my son, I knew things were not going to get better on their own unless i didn't something about it, this was that something!!

Sara breaks everything down, you start slow and build your way up.  This allows your body time to retain, heal and set up for a successful path down the road.  Sara is also extremely knowledgeable, she really does use all of those initials behind her name to her advantage.  The course is set up to be able to ask questions the entire way through with the coaching classes, Facebook group and the bi-weekly one on one check-ins.  Her dedication to your journey and success is very inspiring and it keeps you motivated to work hard and try to get all the classes in during the 12 weeks (let's hope your baby likes to nap!).  There is even a program set up for after so you don't just learn something new and then get thrown back to the wolves.  

My goal was to try and get back to where I was before birth but I can honestly say that I am stronger physically and mentally then where I was before.  The changes that I have made with stick with me for a lifetime with less leaks and more time doing the things I love.  I would recommend this program to anyone, if it is just the cost that is holding you back, don't let it, it is definitely worth every penny!



I may have started intensity exercising a bit too early after having my baby boy. 

My pelvic floor definitely felt weakened, but I was working on it. It took me a few weeks to notice how much my gltues, calves, and harmstrings lost strength during pregnancy.

Luckily, I met Sara quick in my postpartum journey.

Sara gave me all the tools to make me reconnect with my body. She made me realize that I have been carrying weaknesses for many years prior to my pregnancy. Without my core properly working, I could not compensate anymore and just push through, as I used too.

I had to trust the process and learn that slow is fast. That athlete brain had to be shut down so many times and I am beyond thankful that Sara got on my path to remind me of that and help me walk all the baby steps towards a stronger return to my prior hyperactive lifestyle. 

 I now am pushing my limits again mountain biking, and feeling stronger and stronger.

Wherever you are in  your postpartum fitness journey, the personalized follow-ups and adapted exercises to your situation are 100% worth it. 

#respecttheprocess #doitforyou #slowisfast










I really enjoyed this program. It made me focus on slowing down and getting back to the basics to train my post pregnancy body how to move and breath before jumping into the workouts and activities that I am used to.

I feel like I am stronger than I would have been otherwise. I am Much stronger in my deep core (maybe even stronger than pre pregnancy).

The format holds you accountable and Sara’s coaching and tips are fantastic!


Mountain Mom Strong is an amazing program to get you back in the game! I would recommend it to anyone looking for some guidance and support to start moving again after having a baby.

I felt very supported and motived to complete the program. Loved every minute of it!

I now have the confidence to pick up my bike and go for a long ride and I no longer pee when I sneeze.



Sara is an expert and I found her very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the course. I was impressed with the level of information shared. I feel stronger and most importantly, I have a better understanding for how my body works and feel confident returning to running. I would highly recommend the course!





This is such a great program and I'm so thankful to have found it. After completing the 12 week course I feel a different core strength than I felt pre pregnancy. Core stability and strength I never had

I have more pelvic floor control, I used to struggle to relax fully between multiple contractions but that is definitely changing. More glute engagement, notice especially when walking

I have returned to climbing a couple of times now post baby and feel stronger and more connected to my body and breath than ever before and my climbing is better because of it.



One thing that I totally underestimated postpartum is thinking that my body « will just be fine ». I spent my whole life thinking the gym was not for me. That I get fit while actually doing my sports.
All the compensation I had done for years and not preparing my body properly for the actual outdoor sports I am doing just knocked on the door.
After 4 months of struggling and trying everything to release the pain and heal the disc hernia, I started Mountain Mom Strong. And it is simply a game changer. First, I can see everyday how my back improves. I can again function normally with my baby without grinding my teeth, sit on a chair more than 10minutes, and do the sports I love.
It makes you rework everything the right way : breathing, posture, exercising. 
Having been back few times on skis, and even running this week or hiking up carrying 15kilos, I can’t believe it myself thinking that 6 weeks ago I could still not bend over.



I am so grateful for the support Sara has given me through my post partum journey! I really was struggling with my posture and upper body/core strength since having our baby girl. Since working with Sara, I have noticed my posture has significantly improved and I've learned the appropriate exercises to start small. This has allowed my strength to build up to the point that now I can mountain bike, run and get back to the exercising I was passionate about before becoming a mama all while keeping what Sara has taught me in the back of my mind.




I’m very glad that I joined Sara’s postpartum fitness program. The content and structure of the program is very well thought out and organized. It helped me with some of the physical challenges that new moms face daily; it also guided me in safely and gradually returning to high impact exercises. I learned the fundamentals and techniques of mobility and movement. Notably, I had major shoulder pain from breastfeeding and I had immediate relief after practicing the posture flow and incorporate it in my daily routine. Another lightbulb moment for me was learning to breath correctly and connect with pelvic floor which is essential in all actives we do. My glutes and hips are also thankful for the exercises that promoted correct and good movement after pregnancy. I feel more mobile and stronger overall, which is super important with a baby that gets heavier everyday. I highly recommend this program.



I joined this class to try and get back into shape after having my baby and to get stronger to keep up with him as he gets older. I liked how the classes started off slow and gradually built up. I learned a lot about breathing properly again and about proper posture when holding or lifting my baby. At the beginning I found it hard to get to a live class or do all the exercises because my baby was still so little, but I found myself making time to get the exercises in and wanting to do them. The live classes and feedback were great so I knew if I was doing the exercises correctly. I would definitely recommend this program to new moms. Sara can really help you get stronger so you can get back to the activities you were doing before.



My birth experience didn’t go as planned, with some complications at the end of pregnancy and a delivery that wasn’t what I had hoped for. Coupled with so little information provided to moms for what to expect postpartum, I was left feeling a bit defeated and unsure of how to approach recovery (both physically and emotionally). This program, along with pelvic floor physiotherapy, completely turned my postpartum recovery experience around! I have seen massive improvements in my fitness, mobility and pelvic symptoms in 12 weeks. On top of that, the meditation, yoga and breathwork components helped me to recover emotionally and equipped me to be the best mom possible to our daughter! I can’t thank Sara enough for developing such an amazing program!





Sara has been my trainer for several years including during my second pregnancy and post natal. She is an extremely knowledgeable kinesiologist. She helped me get my pelvic floor and core engaging again and got me strong all over so I could return to skiing and biking postpartum. I also was a bit down after the childbirth, and seeing her always cheered me up. She is now a mom herself and really gets it.



The program was the perfect introduction back into exercise. It moved at a healthy, progressive pace ensuring I knew the foundations for every move and had tons of modifications when needed. Sara kept us accountable to our goals and I truly feel that this has helped me to incorporate movement in my daily life while ensuring I take time for myself. I did this program for my daughter. I want to be my best self for her and this program was a definite step in that direction. I’m now 5 months postpartum and feel better equipped to tackle my fitness and personal goals while I embark on motherhood.



The 12 week program got me back to the activities I enjoyed pre-pregnancy. I learned the best way to use my body when picking up and carrying my baby when he was small so as he’s growing I’m able to continue lifting him without injury. It was a great program to reconnect my core after a c-section.