Sara Niblock


Sara is a Practising Kinesiologist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Pregnancy+Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist with 15+ years experience in the fields of rehabilitation and strength training.  

She aims to build a community where she educates and empowers woman to take charge of their body and postpartum journey.

Sara's goal is to help moms understand that they can get back to doing the activities they loved before having a baby with even more strength and confidence, while living a balanced life. 


Sara Niblock's Credentials:

Bachelor of Kinesiology, Brock University, 2007
BCAK Practising Kinesiologist, since 2008 
ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist 
Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist
Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach 
Neurokinetic Therapy Practitioner Lvl 2
PMBI level 1 Mountain Bike Instructor

My Birth Story

My birth experience didn't go as planned (whose ever does?). At first I was devastated when I had to have a emergency c-section.

My baby was due Oct 28th and I had grand plans of returning to sport (snowboarding) as quickly as I could. I stayed active and kept fit throughout my pregnancy so I was convinced I would do my "rehab" (restore my core) and get back on snow quickly.

In hind sight having a c-section was the best thing that could have happened to me. It forced me to slow down and fully rehab. I had no choice, layers and layers of tissues were cut, my abs were pulled apart and moved all around. There was no quick way to "bounce back".

I am now grateful for the experience, It forced me to take the time to heal with intention and properly restore my body.  I can honestly say that at 9 months postpartum I was stronger than I was before I got pregnant.

Many people ask how I got back to riding in the mountains and even competing so quickly? The key was persistence and consistency. I took the time to recover and then rebuild from the ground up. I worked closely with a pelvic floor physio and even hired another trainer to be a second eye for me. You will learn all my strategies in "The Mountain Mom Strong Program". 

I am not the norm, I'm highly motivated, educated and have amazing support from my husband and friends.

I've watched moms around me settle into "Motherhood" and not put themselves first. At first they were able to get by when their baby was small, but as the baby grew they started to struggle with pain, with drew from their favourite activities & sports and ultimately convinced themselves to settle for less or that they would get in shape when they were done having children.  

I created this program so that no one needs to feel this way and everyone can have the support & education that they need to get back to living their best life.  

My Vision

I want to create a shift in how moms think and feel postpartum. I aim to educate, support and empower woman to take charge of their body and postpartum journey. 

I don't want to see moms struggle with returning to fitness and sport postpartum anymore. I want to help moms avoid getting injured and frustrated with their bodies. All moms deserve to get back to the activities they love pain adn injury free.

Let's build your physical and mental strength so you feel confident navigating your postpartum journey and get back out on the trails feeling strong.

They say " You cannot pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself so that you can take care of others”.