Active Mammas Pregnancy and Postpartum Summit

Presented by Mountain Mom Strong

New mom? Pregnant?

Join us for an intimate virtual gathering to move and learn from the Sea to Sky’s leading postpartum practitioners.

Becoming a mother is the ultimate challenge.

But when it comes to rebuilding your strength and wellbeing, we got you.


3 days. 11 kick-ass FREE sessions.

Sign up for each session you would like to attend. All sessions are free. 

Each session is between 30-60 minutes. A combination of education and movement. Expect to learn, move, breathe and/or meditate.

Featured Speakers:

Ally Boothroyd

Instructor of Yoga Nidra, Meditation & Yoga

Candace Postal


Clinical Counsellor 

Dana Elliott

Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Alyssa Salava

DC., BES., Paediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor

Joanna Berringer

Power Yoga Instructor

Mountain Mom Strong Yoga Instructor

Katrina Strand

BHK, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist 


Meghanne Reburn

Functional Nutrition, Women's Wellness Expert and a Registered Midwife 


Nikki Johnston Beaudoin

Certified Personal Trainer, Pre and Post-Natal Fitness Specialist


Sara Niblock

BKin, Kinesiologist, Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist


Vanessa Werner

Postpartum Doula, Birth Care provider and Breathwork Facilitator

Zoe Hunt

Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist



Pregnancy Training Considerations

Session #1: Thursday, June 10th at 9am

Discover what exercise modifications and considerations will best serve you. We'll explore the key aspects to take into account when building your prenatal exercise plan. 

with Katrina Strand
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REAL TALK: What to Really Expect After Giving Birth

Session #2:  Thursday, June 10th @10am

Knowledge is power. In this session, we dive into all those postpartum realities, the good and the challenging. Leave feeling empowered!

 with Meghanne Reburn
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Pelacore Class

Session #3: Thursday, June 10th @11am

Learn about the pelvic floor and techniques for strengthening your deep core and body from the inside out. Get ready to move, breathe and re-build your body. 

with Nikki Johnston Beaudoin
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Posture, Mobility & Breathwork

Session #4: Friday, June 11th at 9am

The changes your body undergo during pregnancy and after birth are profound. Discover how your breath, pelvic floor, core and posture all work together to support healing and lay the proper movement foundations for all of your mountain adventures.

This class will be very interactive and will be followed by 30 minutes of movement to put this practice into action.

What you will need: yoga mat, chair, pillow, dowel (or a broomstick) and a rolled up towel.

with Dr. Alyssa Salva
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Breath Workshop 

Session #5: Friday, June 11th @10am

A gentle, yet powerful 30 minute breath workshop. This session is intended to clear your mind and reconnect to your body. We'll focus on easing feelings of anxiety through processing and releasing holding patterns and emotional blockages. We'll also have a candid discussion about the support that is deserved, needed (and often underestimated) for a healthy recovery from birth. 

with Vanessa Werner
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Healing the Pelvic Floor

Session #6: Friday, June 11th @11am

A healthy pelvic floor unlocks your return to fitness after giving birth. We'll unpack everything you need to know, plus the elephant in the room: prolapse. Find out why a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist is vital to your safe return to activity.

with Dana Elliott
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Session #7: Saturday, June 12th @9am

This 30 minute practice is designed to nourish, restore and reignite. Yoga can be a powerful support for your postpartum recovery. Movements and breath are taught in connection to one another. In this class you will breathe, ground down and begin to reconnect with your centre and core. ALL bodies, levels and stages of pregnancy or postpartum are welcome; with many variations and modifications offered. 

with Joanna Berringer
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Postpartum: The Seen & Unseen Season of our Motherhood Journey

Session #8: June 12th @10am

In this Real Talk session, Candace Postal a seasoned Clinical Counsellor, will share her difficult postpartum journey before delving into the most common postpartum struggles she sees in the Sea to Sky. Discover what makes the most positive impact on new moms in this season of murky waters and uncharted territory. 

with Candace Postal
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Return to High Impact Activities

Session #9: June 12th @11am

How do you know if you're ready to return to high impact sports after giving birth? We'll talk through how to safely return to sports like running with a focus on minimizing risk of injury and pelvic symptoms. Get ready to stretch, strengthen and stabilize your way back into the sports you love.

What you will need: yoga mat, chair, pillow, dowel (or a broomstick) and a loop band (or you can tie a theraband into a loop)

with Sara Niblock
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The Power of Yoga Nidra for New Moms

Session #10: June, 10th at 12pm (yes this is the correct day and time)

Yoga Nidra is a completely guided, effortless meditation technique that takes you into the deepest states of rest and regeneration. In this session, expect to rest deeply, feel energized and connect to your intuition. 

with Ally Boothroyd
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AMPP Unwind: Casual Q&A with Zoe and Sara

Session #11: Saturday, June 12th @12pm

We'll top off the Summit with an open discussion about pregnancy and postpartum. Kinesiologist, Sara Niblock and Physiotherapist, Zoe Hunt will lead the conversation. Ask them anything, seriously now's your chance!

We will begin with a big mobility and stretch session to loosen up and then we'll dive in to answer all your questions.

*Feel free to email any questions in if you'd like to remain anonymous.  

with Zoe Hunt, Sara Niblock
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June is Health & Fitness Month.

This summit is part of the ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge. 

Download the app here to track your active minutes. Our community could win $100,000 towards recreation initiatives.