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Postpartum Core Rehab & Fitness Programs



Mountain Mom Strong is a Restorative Approach to Postpartum Fitness. 

Bridging the gap between physio and return to fitness & sport.  

A Progressive Program

12 weeks to change your life

Learn how to heal properly, build a solid foundation, and master fundamental movement skills to create strength that will last. You'll feel confident returning to full activities. 

The MMS program is progressive and builds week over week. With regular check-ins over Zoom, we can modify and adapt your individual fitness program as needed. 

Ready to learn the “why” behind what you are doing? 

Through newly found strength, you can expect to improve diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, back/hip/neck pain and incontinence.  

With A Personalized Approach 

You are not in this alone

Every postpartum journey is different so why settle for a one-size-fits-all program?

All MMS programs begin with an intake form to go over your history, review your intentions, and set your goals. Group program includes a 1:1 Zoom consultation.

You will have access to a postpartum corrective exercise specialist, over WhatsApp & email. Group Programs will have bi-weekly one-on-one zooms. This format creates accountability, and empowers you to stay on track while reaching your postpartum fitness goals. Self-paced program participants have the option to add on 1:1 zooms for an additional cost.

A Community

Build a support network

New moms can commonly feel isolated and lonely. We all crave connection. 

We give our members a virtual place to connect, chat and support each other. 

As an MMS member, expect to attend a variety of classes, live, recorded or in person with rotating instructors, including experts in breath work, postnatal yoga, and movement. 

When you feel supported and are able to make connections with other moms, you will notice a reduction in stress, anxiety, and postpartum depression.



Learn to realign the body through proper mobility and activation exercises that will increase strength and decrease pain. 


Learn to restore a proper breathing pattern that is lost during pregnancy. Correct breathing will help the diaphragm to function properly, allow you to regulate pressure and help heal your pelvic dysfunction. Connecting your breath with your pelvic floor will get the deep core firing. This strengthens your pelvic floor, protects your spine and improves incontinence.


Abdominal separation is one of the most common issues post birth. Miseducation and poor exercise guidance often makes things worse. Learn how to assess it and correct it. Repair diastasis recti while restoring core strength & decreasing back pain. Heal with intention and the correct exercises.


Build a foundation from the inside out. All exercises are carefully chosen to help you connect the core with your entire body, leading to a full recovery from pregnancy and birth.








Through out the 12 week Mountain Mom Strong Program you will:

✔️Be supported and held accountable to reach your goals

✔️Heal and strengthen your body with intention

✔️ Correct dysfunction that occurred during or after pregnancy

✔️ Improve your diastasis recti and have it become functional

✔️ Reduce your risk for prolapse and hernias

✔️ Improve your pelvic floor dysfunction and thus improve incontinence

✔️ Realign your entire body, to reduce pain and discomfort.

✔️ Grow stronger with your child to keep up with them

✔️ Get ready to return to your fav sports & activities

✔️ Build a community and find balance in motherhood

✔️ Feel confident in your body again

✔️ Be educated about your body

✔️ Learn to lift, carry and feed your baby with out hurting your back

✔️ Learn to create space, time & healthy habits for yourself 

The MMS Programs Includes:

12 Weeks of Training


Progress through a collection of full-length workout videos 15-30 min in length.  Voice over cues guide and coach you along the way. Individual exercises are also detailed in video and written format. 

Self-Paced: On Demand

Group Program: 2 weekly Live classes



Join our community; hold each other accountable, ask questions, access more resources, share your experiences and network with other like-minded mamas.

Group Program: Get set up with an accountability buddy.



These yoga sessions will complement all the exercises you are learning in the program. A fun way to switch things up and keep it fresh. 

Self-Paced: Recorded Sessions

Group Program: Bi-weekly Live Classes

Online Platform


A bright and user friendly portal will be home to your:

  • Weekly fitness schedule 
  • Meditation & Exercise library
  • On Demand Workouts
  • Weekly fitness program checklists
  • Weekly self-assessments
  • Weekly education updates

Coaching Calls


Group Program: Bi-weekly 1:1 calls plus 30 consultation at the start.

Self-Paced: Additional cost, you can add on coaching sessions at the check out.

  • Help keep your self accountable and get more feedback
  • Taylor the program to your specific needs



Have access to a library with a variety of guided meditations of various lengths to help with sleep, stress and anxiety.

Weekly Classes

IN-Person and Live Zoom classes for group program

Weekly Coaching and workout classes with Sara, receive feedback and coaching. Learn not only how to do an exercise, but learn why and how it effects your postpartum body.

 In-Person Classes are held at Meadow Park Sport Center, Whistler BC. If you can't make it in person you can still join in live via Zoom. 

Next Session Starts on September 15th, see schedule below.


Courtney Marchemnt, Pemberton, BC

Mountain mom strong changed me. After the 12 week program I got what I paid for. I physically feel strong, solid and ready to return to my favourite mountain activities. But what I didn’t expect, was mentally feeling strong after the program. I feel confident, I feel knowledgeable about how my body moves, works and heals. I feel capable to continue my healing and thriving journey. I trust my body again.

Meg Broswick, Kamloops, BC

I loved this program and have recommended it to many of my friends! It was nice starting slow with basic movements to get back in touch with my breath and body. By the end of the program I was pushing myself to a comfortable edge, which felt great! Sara’s live classes were my favourite and it was so nice attending them from my own home.

Dr. Rose Martel, North Vancouver, BC

I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 15 years now and I can say hands down this post-partum class is extremely well built and delivered, possibly the best you will ever find around! I will for sure register again after babes #2! And as a sports med doc in the Sea to Sky community I’ll share this invaluable ressource with my patients for sure. Absolutely amazing work Sarah!


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or 3 Monthly payments of $220

  • 12 Week Virtual Group & In-Person combo Program
  • Private Zoom Consult
  • Bi Weekly Private 1 on 1 Zoom coaching calls
  • 1x Weekly In-Person Class with option to join in via Zoom if you can not make it or live far away. 
  • 1x Weekly Virtual classes per week
  • 4 Months of access to platform



or 3 monthly payments of $105

  • Self-Paced Program
  • Support via email & WhatsApp group
  • Work at your own pace
  • 6 Months access to platform & full program
  • Option to add on 1:1 coaching at check out



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BKin., KINESIOLOGIST & Course Creator
Sara is a Practising Kinesiologist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Pregnancy+Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist with 15+ years experience in the fields of rehabilitation and strength training.  
She aims to build a community where she educates and empowers woman to take charge of their body and postpartum journey.
Sara's goal is to help moms understand that they can get back to doing the activities they loved before having a baby with even more strength and confidence, while living a balanced life. @mountianmomstrong


Joanna is a power yoga teacher living in Whistler, B.C. She is also a mountain enthusiast, a lover of weekend adventures and a mom to a 1 year old girl.
Joanna’s yoga journey began a decade ago when she started practicing Baptiste Power Yoga. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2014. 
Joanna’s classes will leave you feeling physically exerted, stronger, and sweatier than when you started. Come dive in. @joannaberringeryoga


Ally Boothroyd is a mom of two, a yoga educator and meditation teacher with a passion for yoga nidra and the healing power of conscious rest. She is the founder of Sarovara Yoga, a yoga space and women's retreat centre in Ontario, Canada. A sanctuary on the water where she fosters local community and supports health, personal growth, emotional resiliency, authenticity, awareness, and awakening. www.allyboothroyd.com