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Empowered Birth: Prenatal Fitness & Birth Prep

Support your growing body with breath work, deep core activation, mobility and full body strength with a focus on posture and glutes🍑

Prepare for birth by learning to relax the PF, how to push and increase mobility in the pelvis 

Manage aches and pain and provide modifications to keep moving 

If you want to...

  • have an active pregnancy
  • have less aches and pains through out your pregnancy
  • have increased strength and stamina for birth
  • feel good endorphins
  • have confidence in your body's ability to birth a baby

Then this this class is for you. Let's keep you active and prepare your body for birth.

Online option:

A weekly Training plan designed to:

  • Create stability in the pelvis
  • Keep your glutes and deep core active and strong
  • Prepare your hips for birth with pelvic specific mobility and pelvic floor relaxation exercises
  • Strengthen your posture, get ready to hold, feed, rock, pick up and put down baby, it’s a marathon and you need strong postural muscles.
  • Relieve pregnancy related aches and pains, through strength and mobility.

On demand Library access COACHING/ACCOUNTABILITY

Ongoing support: ask questions, get feedback, modifications when needed.

Reach out if you hit a road block, we’re here to help.

1:1 messaging through the app Group Chat and community ONLINE APP

This user friendly APP that guides you through your weekly fitness schedule, houses your workouts and on-demand videos and your community. Our prenatal fitness plan offers tailored workouts designed to keep you strong, ease pregnancy-related aches and pains, and prepare your pelvis for birth. With 4x weekly planned 20-minute workouts, you'll be empowered to navigate this crucial phase of your pregnancy with confidence.


Monthly Membership

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In Person Classes: Thursdays 5:30-6:30 p.m. @ Meadow Park Sport Centre

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