& get back to the activities you love!


Tired of Not Feeling Like Yourself?


So you birthed a baby. It can feel like your body will never be the same.

That you will never be able to return to the types of activities you LOVED before you gave birth.

Heading back to sports and fitness can seem so far out of reach. 

Where do I even start? 

Is what I am doing safe?  

Why doesn't this feel right? 

Will this back pain ever go away?

Is leaking just a part of being a mom? 

Will I ever be back to my old athletic self??

It’s Time To Reconnect.

With my help, you can come back even stronger than before.


Hi! I'm Sara Niblock, an athlete, a mother, a Kinesiologist, an Exercise Physiologist and a Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist with over 15 years of experience.

I help both new moms and moms who've had their kids many years ago correct dysfunction, restore their core, and regain their strength after birth.

Women deserve to get back to all the activities they love, pain and symptom-free.

After years of rehabilitating my body through injuries, I truly learned the value of rehab when I had my child and returned to sports. 

I knew, after years of rushing back from injury, that I needed to take the time to rebuild my foundation so I could come back stronger than ever. 

I needed to slow down to go fast ;)

The more Moms I hung out with, the more I realized how common injury and pelvic symptoms after birth was. These Moms confessed they struggled not only with returning to the sports they loved, but their everyday activities that come with raising their kids.  

Something was missing from postpartum care. These moms were not being told what they needed to do in order to recover and become a bad ass mom up for any challenge.

I knew something had to change. That's how Mountain Mom Strong came to life. 



✓ You can learn how to move your new body with intention and purpose.

✓ You can start to rebuild your core and pelvic floor.

✓ You can repair your Diastasis Recti and make it strong & functional.

✓ You can learn how to progress your exercises safely.

✓ You can reduce your pelvic symptoms of pressure, pain and or leaking

✓ You can be pain free.

✓ You can feel strong and capable.

✓ You can keep up with your kids.

✓ You can get back to your sport and activities with confidence.

✓ And, with the right education, exercises and effort you can remain injury free.

What's so different about Mountain Mom Strong?

We are so much more than just another app!

Many postpartum fitness classes/courses are just a bunch of random exercises that claim to be "Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Safe" teaching you how to bounce back and get slim. No progression just a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. They don't consider your specific goals or the dysfunction that was created by growing and birthing a baby. They tend to focus solely on the pelvic floor, core and weight loss.

Let's flip the script and focus on what's really important.

Research shows that there is so much more to the pelvic floor and postpartum rehab than just kegels and "core exercises". We need to reconnect your breath, pelvic floor and core to the entire body. We need to strengthen your glutes, your posture and we need to focus on your balance and re introduce impact to the body slowly. Just because you rehabbed your pelvic floor and its "strong now" doesn't mean you're healed and ready for all activities. You can have a strong pelvic floor and still have pain, incontinence and be at risk for injuries. 

First you need to connect that pelvic floor with your breath, core and the rest of your body. Then you can build strength that will correct the dysfunction. When you can do that you will be stronger than before and ready for all activities.   


We educate.

Education empowers you to want to take charge of your body.  It is easy to just jump straight back into exercise, not realizing that your core and pelvic floor need repair.  We are never taught this.  We were never taught what to do with our bodies after we have a baby. 

I help you learn all of the ways to restore your core, your pelvic floor, heal diastasis, return to exercise safely AND prevent future injury

We work together to build your foundation first.

MMS is rehabilitative and progressive. It fills the gap between physio and return to sport. Your brain may want to, but your body isn’t ready no matter how fit you were before (no matter how you birthed - vaginal or c-section) 

In this new season of your life you need to slow down. By not rushing through this phase, you are setting yourself up for success and preventing future injuries.

We build progressively & challenge,

adding layer upon layer of rehabilitative and strength-building exercises.  Each new layer builds on the last until you can return to the sports and fitness activities you love.

All exercises are carefully chosen to help you connect the core with your entire body, then we rebuild and gain strength leading to a full recovery from pregnancy and birth.

We hold you accountable and create community.

Moms were meant to have a village. We created a strong group of women who support each other through this process.  Where they can share their ups and downs and feel less alone. Where they can ask any questions. 

Recommended by Physiotherapist's, Doctor's and Obstetrician's & Midwives

Tested and proven program to help you heal and re-strengthen your body & mind postpartum.

"This program has been a game changer for me. Some injuries pre-pregnancy, a difficult pregnancy and recovering from a c-section really shook my confidence in my body. The progressive structure of the program, Sara’s encouragement and the option for modifications struck the balance perfectly between pushing me without feeling intimidating.  I now feel I have a more solid foundation to keep building on than I did pre-pregnancy. It’s an empowering feeling. Highly recommend!

Helen Cox

"I may have started intensity exercising a bit too early after having my baby boy. My pelvic floor definitely felt weakened. It took me a few weeks to notice how much my strength was during pregnancy. Luckily, I met Sara quick in my postpartum journey. She made me realize that I have been carrying weaknesses for many years prior to my pregnancy. I had to trust the process and learn that SLOW is FAST. I am beyond thankful that Sara got on my path to remind me of that and help me walk all the baby steps towards a stronger return to my prior hyperactive lifestyle. I now am pushing my limits again mountain biking, and feeling stronger and stronger. Wherever you are in  your postpartum fitness journey, the personalized follow-ups and adapted exercises to your situation are 100% worth it. "

Dr. Genevieve Baril-G 

Just Imagine...



Imagine if you felt confident moving your body in all of your favourite ways?

Imagine if you had no pain while training? Or in day-to-day activities??

Imagine if you knew exactly how to heal and restore your body? 

Imagine if you had a coach in your back pocket to guide you through your personal struggles with your postpartum body?

Imagine if you fell in love with your body again? 

Imagine if you got all of this (and more) surrounded by a supportive group of Moms?


You can.

I am here to help you. 





A 12-week program that repairs, restores, and rehabilitates your postpartum body so you can return to your favourite sports and activities with confidence.

MMS bridges the gap between physio and return to fitness & sport. 

It’s time to take back your mind body connection like never before.

Weeks 1-2

Learn about your body and what it has gone through. Learn to restore a proper breathing pattern that is lost during pregnancy to regulate pressure and help heal your pelvic dysfunction. Connect your breath with your pelvic floor to get the deep core firing, This strengthens your pelvic floor, protects your spine and improves incontinence. Start to mobilize and release tight tissues from pregnancy.


Continue building a solid foundation and mind muscle connection to the deep core and glute (butt) muscles. Bring awareness to your posture and create strength to counter all that hunched forward posture with feeding, holding and lifting baby. Learn how improvements in your posture can help with healing prolapse and diastasis recti. Learn to lift and move properly from your hips so you can decrease pain and avoid back injuries


Master fundamental movement skills to create strength that will last. Connect the core with your entire body ensuring proper movement patterns. Rebuild your strength in a safe and progressive way as we increase load and intensity each week. You will continue to correct dysfunction and begin to notice your new found strength in your entire body. 

WEEKS 9-12

Move towards more complex movements while progressing and challenging the core with every exercise. Begin to introduce impact back into your workouts, while preparing your body for high impact activities.


An effective a progressive way to return to run and up your distances. Play around with run:walk ratios. Slowly build up your body's tolerance to impact so you can enjoy running and avoid injury. Includes a 7 week return to run plan.


Learn proper mechanics to lift, move up and down from floor and how to hold/ feed your baby properly so you don't destroy your back. By simply moving with intention and moving using the correct muscles you can decrease back pain. Lots of tricks and tips to make your life so much easier as you maneuver with a baby and or toddler in tow.


✓  You’ve been searching for the best way to get back on track to feeling fit, healthy and strong after having a baby 

✓  You know you want to improve your diastasis recti, prolapse, leaking, and pain, but you just feel overwhelmed and unclear about how to start.

✓ You’re ready to get rid of back pain from countless hours of feeding, holding, picking up and putting down baby.

 You want to feel in sync with your body again.

You want a safe and proven approach to getting back to your happy place in the mountains (tested by accredited MDs, OB's and Physiotherapists) 

 You want a program that you can manage from home on your own schedule, that fits into your crazy new life as a mom. 

✓  You thrive when you are held accountable.

 You want a program that is holistic; that focuses on physical and mental health.

 You want to get strong as F*%K!

 You want to build a community of like minded, rad mamas. 

✓ You want a coach in your back pocket, someone who's experienced and been in your shoes, someone who can help you troubleshoot and help you actually achieve your goals

✓ You’ve wondered how to return to sports and activities injury and symptom free (think: not peeing your pants when you run or jump!)



you are not motivated to safely re-build your pelvic floor, core and regain your strength.

✖ you are not willing to invest time and money into your health and well being 


Mountain Mom Strong is here to help make sure you don't settle for less, that you don't regret those things.

What our Moms have to say...


"There is so much change after pregnancy, but becoming stronger was not something I expected! I became so much more aware of how my daily movements can be done properly to protect and strengthen my body."

Ally Stocks

"It's more than working out. It's taking the time to do something for myself that makes me feel good mentally and physically. I feel good about the routine MMS has helped me create amidst all the change of becoming a ftm. MMS has been more than a fitness program; it's helped me find community in this new phase of life and I'm very grateful for that. I would not have gotten where I am now without MMS."

Brooke Finlay

"My body felt so weak at the start of this program. No core at all. I feel strong again. Both Sara and this program are incredible.  I signed up for the MMS group program 6 weeks postpartum.  Two months after giving birth, I had surgery to repair my ACL/MCL. Sara was so supportive throughout the entire process and helped me modify exercises so that I could prehab and rehab my body, as well as my knee. I really don't know where I would be without her. Twelve weeks later, I feel strong: my core is engaged, my knee rehab is on track. I've also met an incredible group of women that I am now grateful to call friends. If you are on the fence about this program, just lean in."

Sarah Colman

"As a second time mom, This course has me much more informed and stronger than my first time around.  I was not able to get back to running after my first pregnancy. This time around MMS helped me make exercise a habit, I tended to not do the basic stuff before- now I am seeing results and continuing to work on return to run. I have less neck pain, better pelvic floor strength and less leaking. Way ahead of my first pregnancy in which I did not have this course. Sara offers both personalized support to meet you where you’re at while building community for moms. Highly recommended!"

Kaye Robinson


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right program for you:



or 3 payments of $110


  • 6 Months access to the platform

  • A progressive program of workout videos ranging from 15-30min. Detailed individual instructional videos and written transcripts of each exercise to help with proper form. 




 Option to add on 1:1 coaching at check out




  • user friendly platform that guides you through your weekly fitness schedule, houses your ondenad workouts, your meditation and exercise library, education, program checklists, weekly self-assessments and weekly check-ins.


  • WhatsApp group messaging to hold eachotheraccountable, ask questions, and connect with other like minded Mamas.




  • Recorded Yoga Classes to use on-demand.
  • Library of guided postpartum specific meditations to help with sleep, stress and anxiety.



★If you work better at your own pace and know you won’t be able to make the LIVE classes, this is your best option. 





or 3 payments of $220


  • 6 Months access to the platform

  • A progressive program of workout videos ranging from 15-30min. Detailed individual instructional videos and written transcripts of each exercise to help with proper form.

Live weekly classes, 1x in-person and/or 1-2x live zoom classes 


+ 30-minuets consult call to start the program and get clear about your struggles and goals. 

+ 4x 1:1 calls to discuss form and progress within the program. We can tailor the program to you. 


  • user friendly platform that guides you through your weekly fitness schedule, houses your ondenad workouts, your meditation and exercise library, education, program checklists, weekly self-assessments and weekly check-ins.


  • WhatsApp group messaging to hold each other accountable, ask questions, and connect with other like minded Mamas.
  • Weekly checklist

+ Accountability buddy within your group

+  Ability to ask questions in live and in-person classes

+ 4x 1:1 calls


  • Recorded Yoga Classes to use on-demand.
  • Library of guided postpartum specific meditations to help with sleep, stress and anxiety.

+ zoom recordings with Joanna Berringer and in-person Yoga Classes with Kristen Warren

This is your best option if you really want to dive in and get a tailored experience. If you have a flexible schedule and the course start date aligns with where you are at in your recovery then this is the program for you.


The Time After Birth Can Be Overwhelming and Emotional 

- to free up your head space, let me take the guess work out of how to rehab & regain your strength. 

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What our Moms have to say...


"I realize now through experience that even if you are fit prior to pregnancy you lose a lot of core strength that needs to be restored after birth in order to participate in your athletic activities safely afterwards. I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 15 years now and I can say hands down this post-partum class is extremely well built and delivered, possibly the best you will ever find around!  And as a sports med doc in the Sea to Sky community I’ll share this invaluable resource with my patients for sure. Absolutely amazing work Sarah! I feel 100% better and in control of my posture, core and gluts!! This course is a must for every active mama out there!

Dr. Rose Martel

"I absolutely loved the program. The level of detail and expertise that Sara puts in to each workout and how they build on each other is so skillful. The feedback about how to properly execute exercises was so valuable and her expertise was so key for me feeling confident to start exercises again with a pretty serious uterine prolapse. I felt safe and able to go at my own pace and ask questions when something didn't quite feel right for me, Sara always had a modification that would work perfectly for me! Having access to Sara from home over zoom while I'm at home with my kids has been so amazing. I cannot recommend this enough. Every mom should have access to a program like this! "

Ally Boothroyd


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