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The awful hip carry

Jan 12, 2021

The awful HIP CARRY!

I have seen countless moms experiencing pain from constantly carrying on one hip, which most of us do to free up our dominant hand to do tasks. But even if you always alternate sides, it doesn’t do any less damage.
What’s going on?
Basically, you are standing there with every part of your body out of alignment.
The Problem:
· As your upper body leans one way and your hip the other it causes a shearing force on the lower back, putting a lot of strain on the small joints of your back, and the discs.
· Weight bearing on a leg that is out of alignment can cause you pain. This could occur in the hip, but also anywhere in the lower leg. The joints in our legs were designed to bear weight in a straight alignment.
· When we are in good alignment we can activate our postural control muscles, which stabilize our trunk. Out of alignment we can't and your trunk is not stable, so something will eventually give causing pain in the shoulder arm, elbow or even wrist.
What is the solution to this problem?
Hold them with two arms and align your body straight as best as you can.
However, if you are trying to multi task while holding them…
Use a baby carrier, and carrying them symmetrically in the front or the back if they are small enough.
Say No! Simply refuse to hip carry your child.
Sounds crazy, but it is possible. You just need to break the cycle
When they ask for up, try sitting down for a cuddle if you have time, or get down to their level, hug them, and explain that you needed to make dinner and get back up and carry on. If they scream again for “up”, repeat the process of getting down, hugging them, and carrying on. Eventually they will figure it out. Kids are smart. Be persistent, just like with sleep training and the pickup put down method.

Your body will thank!

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