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Top 4 physical changes after birth and how they affect your return to fitness & sport. breathing core strength hip strength pelvic floor postpartum backpain posture return to sport Feb 07, 2021

You may have had these visions of returning to your old workout plans and jumping back into your sports and activities you've always done, only to find out that your body has changed significantly and you need to rebuild your strength more than you thought you would have needed.


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Glutes Glutes Glutes glute hip strength postpartum backpain Jan 09, 2021

Glutes Glutes Glutes

“I’ve been told I need to strengthen my glutes, but they aren’t firing properly, I can’t get them to work!”

Does this sound like you?

I hear this all the time. Many individuals not just moms need to work on glutes.


1. Poor posture from...

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