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return to fitness postpartum

6 steps of the "Mountain Mom Strong" Program

breathing core strength return to fitness Dec 31, 2021

Connect, regain strength and get back to the mountains in 6 steps.

  1. Breath; without proper breath & connection between your diaphragm and pelvic floor the core won't fire. Without a core, your low back won’t release, your posture won’t correct nor will your glutes be able to fire. Learn how to breath properly.  

  2. Learn to connect your breath to your core, so you will be able to regulate your pressure and be able to heal prolapse, DR and improve strength in the core & glutes.

  3. Work on improving posture to help balance out the body to reduce pain and improve function.

  4. Learn proper movement patterns for daily activities, think hinges and squats to pick up your kids. You can rehab your core with every movement you make.

  5. Once you are aligned, and moving well it’s time to challenge the system, connecting the core with your lower and upper body creating a solid core and pelvis, while strengthening your whole body.

  6. Prepare your body for high impact activities by reintroducing impact slowly.  

Postpartum return to fitness and activities is a journey. Jumping back in too quickly can lead to injury, pelvic symptoms and pain. Think of this period as a good time to give your body a full reset and come out stronger than you were before a time to build habits and find consistency.

Most moms I work with thought they were strong before pregnancy. Soon after starting the Program, they quickly realized they had many muscle imbalances, improper breathing patterns and faulty movement patterns even before pregnancy and birth. They were thankful that the postpartum period forced them to slow down and rebuild, reducing risk for injuries in the future.

 Whats Moms are saying:

"I feel so much stronger and more connected and more aware of how my body functions and the way I move it. It’s crazy how it’s so natural to rehabilitate a sprained ankle and we don’t think we need to rehabilitate after 9 months of pregnancy and birth. Thank you Sara! I cannot recommend you enoughCatalina Kerr


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