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Have backspin try these exercises

Backpain? Try these 5 exercises:

postpartum backpain thoracic mobility Jan 14, 2021

Thoracic mobility is SOOOOO important. Without it your lumbar (low back) will compensate. ⁣

As a new mom we are put into positions to feed and care for our baby that restricts our thoracic spine. All the hunching forward rounds and stiffens the T-spine. ⁣

Those with a lack mobility through the thoracic spine are subject to more injuries involving the shoulder and neck, as well as having an increased prevalence of low back pain.⁣

The thoracic spine should have between 30 -35 ° of total rotation to each side. It is commonly thought that the lumbar vertebrae should not rotate. However, the lumbar spine also rotates, albeit less than the thoracic (10°)⁣. If the thoracic spine does not rotate enough, the lumbar spine is forced to rotate more, which can play a role in low back pain or injury. ⁣

Also, to reach your arm all the way up (full shoulder flexion) requires the thoracic spine to move into extension. If you lack extension in your spine you are at risk of shoulder impingement, neck pain and overarching your low back. ⁣

Let’s get the thoracic spine moving! What are you waiting for?

Try these 5 exercises to Mobilize, Release and Activate the thoracic area. ⁣Just releasing and mobilizing won’t give you lasting change.

We need to activate and integrate the muscles into our movements. Be aware of your posture, when you feed, pick up your child and when you sit and stand throughout the day (more on this in a later post).⁣

1. Roll: Pecs ⁣
2. Roll: Lats ⁣
3. Mobilize: T-Spine Rotation ⁣
4. Mobilize: Roll &Extension over roller⁣
5. Activate: Low Trap Raises⁣



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