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Do you have Mom butt?

Jan 14, 2021

Do you have “Mom butt”?🍑

"MOM BUTT is a common postpartum posture where the butt is constantly clenched, to create stability compensating for lack of abs and strength in the pelvic floor.
When you clench the glutes the PF can't relax, and the PF needs to fully relax to be able to contract and get strong.

A strong Pelvic Floor and strong glutes will create a stable pelvis and core which will reduce the stress on the back. To achieve a strong PF you need ​great​ ​glute​ ​strength​.

We need the PF to contract so that our core can fire. With out a core, the back will take over and become increasingly tight and painful.
To achieve strong glutes, you first need to be able to lengthen them, before they can be strengthened.
👇Try these 3 exercise to lengthen your glutes

1. Quadruped Rocking:
Exhale: engage your pelvic floor and core as you shift your hips back towards your heels, keep a nice neutral spine. only rock as far back as you can while maintaining a neutral spine. Feel the glutes lengthen, feel them stretch. Don't round or arch your back. 


2. Eccentric squat:
Hold onto something sturdy like a door frame and sit right back as deep as you can with a neutral spine and vertical shins.

3. Hip Hinge:
Inhale: Relax PF, shift hips back, reaching your sit bones to the wall behind you, torso follows to counter balance. Keep knees soft and shins vertical.

Exhale: Lift PF, contract core and press your heels into the floor driving the hips forward to stand up. The upper body will follow.

Make sure to not over extend (lean back) as you reach the top of the movement.

🧐Doing exercises is not enough! You also need to be aware of how you move all day long.

Make sure to hinge from the hips as you move throughout your day. Add in a lil hinge to unclench your glutes as you move through the following daily movements...
- sway side to side rocking your baby
- as you wash the dishes
- as you change a diaper etc..

In "Mountain Mom Strong " - the complete postpartum virtual fitness program, we break down and correct all the dysfunctional movement patterns that were created from pregnancy and birth. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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