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Is postpartum forever?

Jul 18, 2021

Have you heard the term postpartum is forever?

Postpartum is a general term used to talk about the time period after birth often 6 weeks. However it goes far beyond the 6 weeks and technically from a physiological and a mental stand point, Postpartum is forever! Your body and mind have been forever changed.

  • Check out these facts:
  • Abdominal fascia has only regained 51%-59% of its original tensile strength by 6-weeks post c-section and 73%-93% of its original tensile strength at 6-7 months postnatal. (Ceydeli et al. 2005)

Postpartum forever, doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, taking the time to rebuild and rehab after a baby can potentially make you stronger, especially in areas that you struggled with before the baby. 


Look at this time as a an opportunity to slow down and fix old injuries, imbalances and work on becoming your strongest self, instead of focusing on the negative effects that pregnancy on your body.

Postpartum is a time to slow down so that you can speed up later.

Slow is Fast!

Set yourself up for success and give yourself grace and focus on the bigger picture. Know that it takes time, but with consistency, effort and the right help  pelvic floor physio and postpartum corrective exercise specialist) Anything is possible.

"Postpartum women should be able to do anything they want without holding back. They just need the right help. "

-Dr. Sarah Duvall

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