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Leaking when you cough or sneeze? Why kegels alone won't fix it!

Jul 04, 2021

Have you ever wondered why kegels don’t seem to really work? ⁠
⁠It’s because the pelvic floor wasn’t designed to work that way!⁠

A strong pelvic floor should be able to contract, relax, and lengthen without you even thinking about it! ⁠Most moms think they need to do kegels at every stop light to fix their leakage problems. If it was that simple, moms would not be leaking. ⁠

What you actually need to be able to do to stop leaks…⁠

1. You need to learn how to manage intra abdominal pressure so you don’t bear down and put pressure onto an already weak pelvic floor. ⁠

You need good breathing mechanics and posture so your pelvic floor and diaphragm work in synergy. When you exhale the pelvic floor contracts and the air exits up and out, not down. ⁠

2. To be able to walk or run you need your PF to work in co-ordination with your diaphragm and other muscles of the core and hips. We need to whole system to work together in synergy. Strong hips and core will support the pelvic floor.⁠

3. You need to learn how to first relax your PF before you can properly contract it. When the pelvic floor is always in a contracted state, the muscles become shortened, tightened, and sometimes weak, which could also lead to incontinence.

4. Perfect daily movements patterns, with proper breath strategy. A more challenging task needs more PF and core recruitment, so increase the intensity of your exhale

Some moms need strengthening, some need endurance and some need relaxation or a combo.

5. I always recommend seeing a pelvic floor physio, they can determine what your PF needs. ⁠

6. I can help you coordinate your breath with your pelvic floor and connect it to the rest of your body to regain strength and control. ⁠

Together we can strengthen the whole system so you can stop bearing down and start supporting your body so that leaks can be a thing of the past!⁠

✨ In MMS we focus on proper breathing mechanics and strengthening the whole system for optimal function!⁠

Download the core connection guide here to learn how to connect your breath to your core!

Reach out mama, I am here to help you reagin your strength from the inside out. Let's say good bye to those leaks!


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