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My all-time favourite glute exercise!

glutes pelvic floor Feb 09, 2021
Healthy pelvic floors require supple and strong glutes as do your knees.
Strong glutes prevent the sacrum from collapsing into the pelvic bowl. By stabilizing the sacrum you create more stability in the pelvis, allowing the PF to contract properly and the knees to be more stable.
Here is one of my all time favourite glute exercises:
This exercise works on glute stability and trains the hips hinge pattern. When the knee is pressed into the wall (or ball) the opposite glute med is activated. When you hinge back and then press up through your heel you are activating your glute max as well. A 2 for 1 exercise!
How to do it:
  • Standing with one leg against the wall, feet hip distance apart
  • Bend the inside leg and press the knee into the wall
  • Keep your hips level and thighs parallel
  • Inhale: Expand and relax at the top, tall.
  • Exhale: Lift pelvic floor, engage core and shift your hips back, sitting-into your glute, then press up through your heel, driving your hips forward to stand up tall.
  • Be mindful of your posture, keep chin tucked and head inline with body, ribs down and in.
If you feel your breath & core connection is great you can inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up.
Exhaling on the way down and up ensures the pelvic floor and core is engaged for the full movement. Great option for those with prolapse and needing the extra support for this challenging movement.
Pro Tip: If you're having trouble hinging form the hips, try putting your weight into your heel and lift your toes for a couple rep, then balance your weight again in your foot, with a touch extra in your heel. If all your weight is in your toes you won't be engaging your glutes.

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