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Recovery after a C-section, MYTH debunked.

pelvic floor Jul 13, 2021

I had a C-section my Pelvic floor must not have been impacted?⁠


Like all muscles, the pelvic floor muscles need to move through their full range of motion to be efficient and dysfunction is present when they are not able to fully relax and contract. ⁠

Dysfunction can go two ways: ⁠

Low tone, where the PF is lengthened & weak. This can cause leaking, prolapse and/or lack of sensation during sex and orthopedic issues due to the lack of pelvic joint stability.⁠

Hypertonic where the PF is too tense. This can cause pelvic pain, intolerance of penetration, urine leakage and reoccurring tightness in back, pelvis and hips⁠

How a c-section can impact the Pelvic floor:
1. Even with a C-section the weight/pressure of the baby throughout pregnancy increases the demand on your pelvic floor muscles, and changes in posture and core strength also can lead to pelvic floor muscles being either too tense or uncoordinated/weak. ⁠

2. If you pushed before the c-section this could make the impact on the PF more obvious. But even without pushing, body has a natural reaction to shut down the muscles around a surgical site (due to direct trauma) to allow for tissue healing. The pelvic floor and deep abdominals are closely related, so the pelvic floor may also shut down along with the abdominals.⁠

3. The PF may also respond by tensing up post-cesarean due to the pain from the surgery. This is a natural response to pain, as well as to anxiety, stress and fear….all of which might be present from a birth experience causing a hypertonic PF. ⁠

4. The PF also shuts down without motion and after a C-section moms are not very mobile. ⁠

All moms should see a PF physio and complete a rehabilitative program like Mountain Mom Strong after any type of delivery. Would a professional athlete return to sport after a procedure that cuts through the tissues that hold the pelvis and spine together without physio and a proper return to sport rehabilitation program ? Ponder that…⁠

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