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This NOT That: Picking up your child

core strength postpartum backpain Jan 14, 2021


How to Pick up your child with out throwing your back out!

I cringe when I see everyone, not just moms bend over to pick something up off the floor.

I just know that moms do this repeatedly, a million times a day. So how you move will affect your body, in the long run.

I hope this post brings awareness to your body position as you lift your little one up. Next time you go to lift them you will hear my voice in the back of your head. 

Just being aware of how you move will make a big difference.
and allow you to start making some corrections.

Think before you lift: about your position, your core engagement and your breath.

- Reach your hips back and bend your knees to lower
- Engage your core and blow out as you lift, using your legs not your back.
Never hold your breath!

Holding your breath puts pressure down onto the pelvic floor.This can cause a prolapse or make a prolapse worse.Exhaling before you lift, should engage the pelvic floor which cues the core to fire.

However, after pregnancy and or birth, this natural function can be dysfunctional. And when you breath out you could be putting pressure down onto your pelvic floor.

Learn how to do a proper Diaphragmatic breath, we teach this and so much more in the "Mountain Mom Strong" virtual postpartum fitness program.


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