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Why you need to do more than just kegels

Sep 20, 2022
Got prolapse, been doing kegels and not seeing results?
Did you know that there is more that you can do besides kegels? If that’s all you’ve got going on it’s time to upgrade.

The stronger you are as a whole including your core and glutes & the more connected you are to your whole body the more load your pelvic floor can handle.

If your symptoms don’t appear untill your upright and moving then you need to start training upright and moving.

Get up off the floor, get stronger.

Work with a physio and coach who knows your goals and who can get you moving towards them.

You can manage prolapse without avoiding movements, you just need someone who can teach you appropriate strategies and how to scale a proper progression for you.

Managing prolapse should include:

How to breath so your diaphragm and pelvic floor work together

How to manage pressure and stop bearing down on your pelvic

How to connect your breath, PF and core to your upper and lower body

How to do movements/ activities or exercises with proper form and alignment so the proper muscles can do their job and support you.

How to strengthen weak muscles that are causing other muscles to over compensate and create a dysfunctional pattern.

Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t lift or do anything because you have a prolapse.

A mamas got to be able to move and lift, you need to learn how to do this safely and with a progression to get you where you want to be!

Reach out, we can help.

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